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Disc & Tape Inc.

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Founded in 1986, what was formerly known as Disc & Tape Masters has always had an identity crisis. Over the years we've sold comics, sci-fi books, shoes, boots, clothing, magazines, T-Shirts, videos, posters, makeup, sunglasses, jewelry, body jewelry, tattoos, body piercing, candles, essential oils, incense, tobacco smoking accessories, import cigerettes, zippos, detox, women's shoes, women's clothing, hats, backpacks, winter apparel, snowboards, skateboards, records, cassettes, and CDs.

Disc & Tape Inc now offers "lifestyle stores" that carry skateboards, edgy clothing, snowboards, winter apparel, skate shoes, jewelry, T-shirts, incense, candles, gifts, and various other products.

Disc & Tape Inc. CEO  

Our CEO is always on the lookout for the latest thing, which probably explains the longevity of our originally indie record store. Today we have the premier skate & snow shops in the area.

"We used to be just Music, CD's, Tapes, T-Shirts, that kind of stuff. Then in 1994 the music industry decided to deeply discount the top 100 Billboard hits out to big-box mass merchandisers, which was good for them but bad for little companies like us. At the time over half the folks working at Disc & Tape Inc skateboarded, and they suggested we carry skateboard products."

"Well, one thing lead to another, and the next thing you know we were Discontent and Just For You Shirts and selling all sorts of fun!"

Disc & Tape Inc. CEO